A “Mine” of stories and tales

Fascinating and unique experience to learn about one of the most important examples of industrial archaeology in Sardinia, on the paths and places of the miners, surrounded by a stunning scenery.

A hike to the Sulcis mines, home of the first Geo Park in Europe.

The landscape of Sardinia has been shaped over the centuries by the birth and development of mines, their activities and the villages of the miners, which arose a few steps away from the fields. The Great Mine of Serbariu, important coal vein, gave origin to the city of Carbonia, the main town of Sulcis, in the 30’s. We will visit the premises of the lamp room and the impressive underground tunnel, where we can imagine miners working with their picks, thanks to a faithfully set up scenery with machinery and equipment of the era. After the visit to the mines we will also stop at one of the beautiful beaches located in its surroundings.


6 -7 hours


Low (difficulties in some areas of the site for people with disabilities)


A tour designed to learn an important part of Sardinia’s history and its protagonists, the miners, giving us a break in the beautiful white sand beaches

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