Archaeology and Botanical Garden

A dive into the past to discover Roman Cagliari remains. A fascinating experience in the wonderful areas of the Botanical Garden and the archaeological area of Tuvixeddu.

The tour combines archeology and nature, focusing on two significant areas of Roman Cagliari,

In the district of Stampace we will find the lush Botanical Garden, where we can admire Roman cisterns and wells and a huge variety of plants and botanical species from all over the world that found their ideal microclimate in this shady city garden.

From there we will proceed towards the recently reopened park of Tuvixeddu, the biggest punic necropolis in the Mediterranean area, used from the VI century BC as resting place for the ancient inhabitants of Cagliari.


90 – 120 minutes




A tour through history and nature, exploring unique and fascinating historic places, with the pleasant breeze of the green areas of the city center

A few opening days per week are scheduled for the archeological area of Tuvixeddu. On any other day it will be possible to integrate the tour with the visit to another site.

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