Flavors of tradition

For tradition lovers, a tour along the picturesque paths of the old town to discover workshops and local flavors of the past.

The facade of Via Roma, characterized by ancient buildings in Liberty style and by the Town Hall, natural border of Marina district, welcomes visitors arriving by sea in Cagliari. Starting from the Port, that during the centuries has greeted ships from all over the Mediterranean, we will discover one of the ancient districts of the city, an enchanting place full of attractions, built in the thirteenth century to host sailors and traders.

We will delight you with stories about the city and its monuments, guiding you to the most interesting places and suggesting the best local products to bring back home.

A stroll along the picturesque paths of the city, inebriated by traditional scents, in search of craft shops and of the ancient flavors of Sardinian cuisine. The historic areas of Castello and Marina are the perfect places to find typical objects such as exclusive ceramics, silver and gold jewellery, carpets and many other unique pieces of art and craft.


90 – 120 minutes




Suitable for traditional cuisine and valuable artifacts lovers. A pleasant journey through the fascinating artisan culture of Cagliari and Sardinia

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