Roman Cagliari

A tour that will bring us back to the past, to the Roman Cagliari, among the traces of public and private buildings, arenas and artisans’ workshops, recalling the paved street of that time.

Recently reopened to the public, the Roman Amphitheatre will amaze you for its structure carved on the rocks, which shows the traces of a centuries-old history started during the II century AD. with the gladiators fighting in the arena. A few steps away from this big public building we will glimpse the soaring columns of a private domus, the Villa of Tigellio.

We will visit its ruins and then we will reach the archeological area of Santa Eulalia, which develops under the church.

Accidentally discovered in the nineties, it revealed an unknown urban location and a piece of lost history and brought to light valuable elements such as a paved road, a small temple and the remains of living spaces.


3 hours




To live the atmospheres and places of a flourish city of the Roman province through its remains

A few opening days per week are scheduled for the Amphitheatre. On any other day it will be possible to integrate the tour with the visit to another site.

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