Sant’Antioco, an island in the Island

Discovering Sant’Antioco, its history and beaches. Sites and museums, shining sun and turquoise sea in a perfect blend of nature and archaeology…

84 km southwest of Cagliari, the island of Sant ‘Antioco is the fourth largest island in Italy and is connected to the main island by an artificial isthmus.

The tour includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum “Barreca” and the Punic Tophet, a cemetery area for children. We will continue towards the Hypogeum village, an ancient area of the Punic necropolis that was desecrated by the inhabitants of the island, which used to live there. Then we will meet the artisan Chiara Vigo, a teacher of the art of weaving the millennial Sea-silk.

A day in Sant ‘Antioco includes also a visit at the Basilica of the eponymous martyr, built in the V century, and the Catacombs below it, among the earliest evidences of Christianity in Sardinia. The day will be further enhanced by a pleasant stop on the beaches with turquoise water.


6 – 7 hours


Low (some sites are not suitable for people with disabilities)


For those who want to immerse themselves in Sardinian history and archaeology with a few dives on the way

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