Secret and hidden Cagliari

Discovering an unknown Cagliari, hidden beneath the layers of the modern city: quarries and underground cisterns, ancient crypts and galleries for an unusual and unique visit.

A striking and unexpected experience, a journey through the history of Cagliari between the cavities of the underground city. In an atmosphere full of charm, we will visit the underground areas that tell the history, mysteries and legends of Cagliari.

The Crypt of Santa Restituta, a magnificent example of late Roman and Byzantine architecture, is a site in memory of the Christian martyr Restituta.

The Prison of Sant’Efisio is a significant place of cultural and religious tradition in the city. The place is known as the “prison” where the martyr warrior, the most beloved by the inhabitants of Cagliari, was imprisoned before being executed by the Romans in 303 AD.

The Tunnel-Shelter along via Don Bosco is a long tunnel excavated at the end of the eighteenth century as a way to escape from the city during the Sardinian-Piedmontese conflict and later turned into an air-raid shelter during the Second World War. Even today, as at that time, it is illuminated only by candles.


120 minutes


Low (medium for people with disabilities)


Discover the charm and beauty of hidden places of Cagliari with an original and engaging tour

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