“Su Nuraxi” of Barumini

A visit to the majestic and spectacular Nuraxi (in Italian Nuraghe), an archaeological monument declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

A few steps away from the village of Barumini and the Giara’s park you will admire “Su Nuraxi”, an archaeological site discovered and brought to light during the 50’s by the Sardinian archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu.

The nuraghe, recognized as the biggest megalithic monument in Europe, stands out in the island landscape guarding thousand-year-old stories, legends and mysteries.

Retracing the paving stones of the ancient Nuragic area of Barumini we will explore the ancient village of huts and then enter into the central tower, a symbol of power and home of magical rituals to experience a special feeling full of charm.

Then we will reach Casa Zapata, a noble ancient residence of the Sardinian-Aragonese barons, built on an old Nuragic building, nowadays hosting a small Archaeological Museum.


4 – 5 hours


Medium (not suitable for people with disabilities)


A place to experience life in the mysterious Sardinia of 3.500 years ago, inside an unconquerable fortress

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