Born in Cagliari in 1985, he’s always lived in the Sardinian capital city, except for a few years spent in the town of Sassari, in the North of Sardinia. Being naturally curious, he’s always been fascinated by foreign languages and cultures, which he cultivates by reading, watching movies and TV shows, rigorously in their original languages, and, of course, by traveling. He loves his country in all its aspects, from the incredible richness of its long history, to its countless traditions and its breathtaking views.
He is an Art lover in all its forms, especially cinema and theater, indeed, he is an amateur actor and he reads the scripts in company of his black cat, Renoir.



Born in 1986 and graduated in Foreign Languages, she speaks English, Spanish and, if you speak slowly, she could even answer in French. You will recognize her by her short hair, her glasses and her bright smile. She is always calm and quiet, but do not get a rise out of her. She will guide you with her brisk walk, having many snack breaks.



She was born in a small village of the Ogliastra area, raised between the Gennargentu mountains and the crystal clear sea of the East coast. Cagliari hosted her open arms when, in 2008, she registered at the University of Foreigners Languages. After a period overseas she decided to come back in Sardinia, that she loves extremely. Read and travel allow her to live different worlds and wander throughout various atmospheres. Her weak point? The love for the traditional food.



Born and raised in a small village surrounded by the gentle hills of Marmilla, in the south-center of Sardinia; after high school he moved to Cagliari where he studied political science and sustainable tourism. He loves reading boring books, watching old movies and he usually spends his weekends walking on the seaside.
Traveling and discovering new places around the world are his passions but he always comes back to his beloved Island.


Born in Sardinia, he speaks english and spanish, after years of studies and experiences abroad on several tourist fields, mostly with cruise ships, he finally decided to invest in this wonderful island his professional and human know-how, always looking for the right mix of competence, smile and passion for his island, “the place where colours were born before spreading in the world“. Those places where it’s so nice to smile while you’re inviting a glass of Ichnusa. His illness? Cagliari Football Club!



Born and raised in Cagliari, she has always studied and continues to do so, foreign languages. Of her country, she really loves the inner and wilderness areas, full of history and traditions, but she doesn’t say no to a day at the beach in order to relax and swim in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia. A real dreamer, she is always looking for inspiration to take a new photo with her smartphone or her camera. She loves traveling, reading fantasy books, going to the cinema but especially watching television series … always with their original language! For all these reasons, she is considered the “nerd” of the group.



Born in 1985, she grew up in Cagliari where she studied Foreign Languages at university. She can speak German, English and French. She adores dancing and music, good Italian food, but also Arab cuisine. She loves cats and enjoys travelling to discover foreign cultures and traditions.



Although born and raised in the beloved Vienna and having Polish origins, she preferred to escape to the land of good food, nice weather, and clear blue sea.
After a two-year course in tourism and hospitality and several vagabond trips through Europe, she moved to Cagliari, where now she lives and studies.
She hates to cook but loves to eat. She likes new challenges and loves to travel.
Even if sometimes she may seem too serious, certainly she will never refuse an invitation for a new adventure or a funny evening.



Born in 1992, she is the youngest of the group and she speaks French and English. Her passion for the Italian language and culture took her from Normandy to Cagliari, where she decided to settle and where she has a huge group of friends thanks to her ability to make the finest crêpes in town. Authentic feminist, she devoures one book after an other and she is very good at drawning.



Born in 1981, you could recognize its Irish soul in an authentic native of Cagliari. Pint after pint, he got his degree in Law. Marc loves spearfishing. Always smiling and joyous, he provides us with lots of anecdotes about Cagliari lifestyle.



Born in 1981 he has a degree in History. He loves soccer and is the captain of the team he plays with, but he will never refuse to play darts with friends. He knows Sardinian feasts and religious traditions very well. He is a brilliant and funny person and your time with him will go by very quickly.



President and founder of the association, he was born in 1972 and, after his studies in Economics, he worked in marketing and communication before founding the association “L’Isola che vorrei…” in 2010. Meticulous and precise in his job, he is a sport lover and he does not turn his nose up at a good chat to find new ideas and to motivate the team. His memory is an unlimited hard-disk, but his watch is always a few minutes late.


Silvia R.

Born in 1985, she graduated in Foreign Languages in Cagliari and then she got her master’s degree in Pisa. She speaks English, Spanish and Arabic. Her passion for local identities and language minorities brought her to visit different communities all around the world, like the Sahrawi people. She’s apparently shy, but her good mood and friendliness will surprise you.



Born in 1988, she is graduated in Foreign Languages and speaks English, German and French, thanks also to her experiences abroad that took her among Austria and Ireland.
She is a soap and water girl, just a little bit scatterbrained, but she will not refuse a German beer.



Born in 1986. She studied Foreign Languages, she can speak English, French and she is working on her German. She is the most technologically skilled of the group and she often gives the others some precious advices. You can recognize Vanessa by her long brown hair and you will not forget your conversation with her, enriched by many expressions in Sardinian language.