The Ruins of Nora

A visit to the ruins of the archaeological site of Nora, an extraordinary example of a city of Punic and Roman times overlooking the homonymous beach. We will also have the opportunity to stroll through the center of Pula, a local tourist town.

The ancient city of Nora is one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. Its particular location on the coast facilitated the settlement of the Phoenicians in the VIII century BC, but it was in Roman times that Nora experienced its heyday.

The tour will give us the opportunity to take a step back in time and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the ancient Roman town, where we will discover the old neighborhoods, the luxurious villas decorated with mosaics, baths, temples, ancient cobbled streets and the splendid theater. The area is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, with the Tower of Coltellazzo standing in its background, while the golden beach leads us to the church of Sant’Efisio where, according to tradition, the saint was martyred and where every year on the 1stof May he is celebrated by the whole island during a famous festival. The tour is enriched by a walk through the streets of Pula, charming town and tourist destination full of small shops selling souvenirs and handicrafts.


4 hours


Low (difficulties in some areas of the site for people with disabilities)


For those who love archaeology but also want to enjoy the sea of Sardinia

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