Carloforte and San Pietro Island

Carloforte and the island of San Pietro: an enclave of Liguria in the sea of Sardinia


9-10 hours




For those who want to explore the beautiful coves with crystal clear sea, surrounded by the Mediterranean forest, and discover the traditions of the famous village of Carloforte.

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There is a Ligurian corner in the heart of Sardinia: it’s name is Carloforte, the town on the Island of San Pietro, where young and old people still speak tabarkino, a variant of the Ligurian dialect native to Tabarka, the current Tunisia.

The tour will take you to discover the historical centre of the village of Carloforte, between its narrow streets (the so called “carruggi“) and the colorful little houses, where time has really stopped.

Here you can only move on foot or by bike and everyday life is lived on the street: in summer locals use to chat sitting next to the house’s door (which, for an unwritten rule, is always open), ready to chat with tourists and proudly tell the story of the island.

The island of San Pietro has been, over the centuries, a landing point for Africans, Genoese and Sardinians who have forged the unique character of this island and its inhabitants. Even today, Carloforte is the emblem of a linguistic minority that jealously preserves language, cuisine and traditions, without yielding to external contaminations.

Bluefin tuna is the basis of Carloforte’s cuisine and economy: this is the right place to taste the specialties of freshly caught tuna, a flavor that you will hardly ever forget.

Carloforte has become famous for its fishing waters, where the tuna banks rode in June: chefs from all over the world compete in front of a jury selected for the preparation of bluefin tuna. For some years now, the Girotonno festival has become an event of international significance which brings the the spotlight on this fishing village’s quiet life.

The tour will allow you to discover some hidden places on San Pietro’s island: cliffs overlooking the sea, where the rare Queen’s Falcon nests, and beautiful coves with crystal clear seabed, surrounded by the greenery of the dense Mediterranean forest.

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