The Devil’s Saddle trekking

The Devil’s Saddle is one of the most suggestive panoramic point: an adventurous urban mini-trekking, but within everyone’s reach up to a spectacular peak


4 hours


Medium (not suitable for people with disabilities)


For those who don’t want to loose the chance to spend a few silent hours overlooking the crowded city from the top of the promontory

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The Devil’s Saddle is perhaps one of the most suggestive panoramic points of the city of Cagliari: we’ll tempt you with an adventurous urban mini-trekking, but within everyone’s reach up to a spectacular peak. The name of the promontory comes from an ancient legend according to which, the devils headed by Lucifero, in love with the beauty of this corner of Sardinia, tried to seize it. God sent his angels to fight them and the battle ended with the victory of the celestial armies which disarmed Lucifer. Falling down, Lucifer gave the promontory the shape of the saddle.

The Devil’s saddle overlooks the gulf, called the Gulf of Angels. A real corner of paradise, which for the locals is as sacred as Poetto, the beach below about 12 kilometers long.

The tour will take you from Calamosca up to the top of the Devil’s Saddle, along a steep naturalistic route, also suitable for children. After a 45-minutes walk, we’ll reach the top, from where we can admire a breathtaking panorama that ranges from Poetto to the Molentargius’ lagoon.

Walking through the bushes of lentisk and euphorbia, you’ll listen to the history of the city and stop to admire the most interesting points, such as the temple of Astarte, the Punic and Roman water tanks and the ruins of the monastery of Victorini, monks of the eleventh century who managed the salt mines and farming areas around the monastery for a long time. On the limestone promontory of the Devil’s Saddle you’ll also find a watchtower, built by the Spaniards during the sixteenth century: the Tower, also known as the Pohuet (well) for its proximity to the Roman tank, gave the name to the beach below, the Poetto.

Don’t miss the experience of a mini-trekking in the city centre: an adventure for some, a memory for everybody.

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