Tours – Excursions in Sardinia

If you’re looking for an unusual trip but you need some bearings, we have a rich range of excursions in Sardinia to suggest you. Sardinia is not only crystal clear sea and cotton-sandy beaches, but a colored universe to discover.

As D.H. Lawrence wrote in his travel book titled “Sea and Sardinia”, there’s not one Sardinia, but many islands inside the Island, with traits at times similar, at times opposite. The English novelist travelled in Sardinia in 1920’s, but his words still sound true and intense:

“Sardinia is another thing: wider, much more usual, not at all irregular, but lost in the distance. Chains of hills similar to the moorland, irrelevant, running away, perhaps towards a small group of dramatic peaks in the south-west. This gives a feeling of space that is so lacking in Italy. Enchanting space around an individual, and distances to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself (….”).

Our tours in Sardinia are thought to bring you around and discover the many faces of a unique land, where the millenary history lives effortlessly together with the hustle and bustle of crowdy Cagliari or the deafening silence of the mountain tracks, where only the sound of the wind breaks in uncontested.

Take a look at our catalogue of excursions in Sardinia: don’t miss the chance to see the Nuragic site of Barumini, discovered in the 50’s by Giovanni Lilliu, an archaelogical area protected by UNESCO, which boasts Europe’s biggest megalithic monuments. Explore the charming island of Sant’Antioco, the Roman debris of Nora and the old mines of the Sulcis area.

Choose your excursion in Sardinia or create it with us!