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Experience the adventure of fishing tourism in Sardinia: daytime adventure, thrill of a life


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A dive into the history of the Sardinian sea, discovering ancient traditions and living as a fisherman for one day

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Fishing tourism in Sardinia is a thrill you can’t forget! We have planned a real sailor’s day, but with the comfort and fun it deserves. Followed by our expert crew, consisting of commander, sailor and cook on board, you’ll sail from Sant’Antioco to the most South Sardinia fishing area for an unforgettable adventure.

You’ll learn to juggle between nets and pots, the secrets that professional sailors have always used to follow the preferred routes of fish shoals and you’ll also be able to dive into crystal clear waters for a refreshing break.

Nothing is left to chance, yet the day will be adventurous: fishing tourism in Sardinia means emotion, wind, freedom and fun. Our chef will cook the fish in front of your eyes, teach you to clean the fish with fast and safe movements, cut it in the right way and cook it according to the typical recipes that best enhance the flavor of the pulp. We can’t promise you that, but dolphins often accompany fishing boats along part of the navigation. If you are lucky, you can spot one and tell your friends about the excitement of such a special encounter!

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