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Laconi, the Aymerich Castle and the Menhir Statues

A trip to discover Laconi, the town of the Sardinian nobility, between unspoilt nature and the Castle Aymerich


5-6 hours


Medium (not suitable for people with disabilities)


A travel through time and unspoilt nature, far from the beaches and the cities.

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Right at centre of Sardinia, on the border between the Campidano plain and the Barbagia mountains, you’ll discover Laconi, a jewel village, where lush nature merges with the ruins of the Castle of Aymerich, an ancient noble Catalonian family, who settled in Sardinia in the fourteenth century. 

You will arrive in Laconi along roads which allow spectacular views. Famous throughout Sardinia for the beauty of its landscape and the surrounding lush flora, you’ll find yourself in a village out of time, unusually luxuriant compared to all other areas of the island and, due to this reason, chosen as a residence by the Aymerich family. Only ruins remain of the Aymerich Castle built in the XII century, long before the arrival of the marquises of Laconi. Around the remains of the Castle, the Aymerich Park expands, a verdant area famous for the abundance of orchids and truffles. Strongly desired by the Aymerich family, the Park is a succession of waterfalls, streams, small lakes and paths: don’t be surprised if among the endemic Sardinian plants you’ll bump in a Cedar of Lebanon, a Pine of Corsica or Magnolia Grandiflora as, according to the Aymerich’s dream, the Park was meant to become an exotic oasis.

A meaningful past sits side by side to a naturalistic oasis: the Museum of the Menhir Statues boasts the largest prehistoric statues’ collection of Sardinia, a land where megalithic art spreads from the third millennium BC with simple or anthropomorphic pedras fittas.

Choose your tour to Laconi and enjoy a travel through time in Sardinia’s 14th century.

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