Partnerships with Tour Operators

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Partnerships with Tour Operators

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Sardinia Magic Experience is open to creating partnerships with Tour Operators, ensuring unique and tailored experiences throughout the magnificent Sardinia. With a particular focus on accessible, responsible, longevity, study, and religious tourism, we are ready to customize itineraries to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Explore with us the infinite possibilities that our proposals for Tour Operators can offer.

Accessible Tourism: Unique Experiences for all

Our Tour Operator Proposals include an innovative approach to accessible tourism. Sardinia Magic Experience organizes guided tours and customized itineraries for individuals with diverse physical and cognitive abilities. We adapt routes and activities based on the specific needs of the group, ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience for everyone.

Responsible Tourism: Discovering Authenticity

Responsible tourism is at the heart of our proposals. We create sustainable itineraries that allow travelers to discover the most authentic aspects of Sardinia, engaging with small local producers and communities. By avoiding peak periods, we highlight lesser-known places, enabling visitors to immerse themselves more authentically in the island’s culture.

Longevity Itineraries: Journey into Sardinian Tradition

For those wanting to explore the longevity and rural traditions of Sardinia, our proposals offer a slow path of responsible tourism. Participants experience daily activities practiced for centuries in the island’s rural areas, contributing to an understanding of the secrets behind the longevity of local inhabitants.

partnerships with tour operators

Study Trips: Italian Language Study in Cagliari

We offer unique study trip proposals that include Italian language courses in Cagliari for all levels and ages. These study moments are interspersed with excursions and leisure opportunities in the Southern Sardinian territory, providing a complete immersion in the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

Religious Tourism: on the Trails of Faith

Our Tour Operator proposals include itineraries retracing the faith journeys of pilgrims, discovering basilicas, country churches, and monasteries linked to the religious, rural, and pastoral life of Sardinia. We offer the opportunity to follow ancient paths in rural villages or undertake more comprehensive routes touching the most significant places of worship on the island.

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Partnerships with Tour Operators

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