Sea and flamingos

A visit to the Park of Molentargius with its pink flamingos is one of the island’s unforgettable excursions. A visit to the beautiful beach of Poetto will be an opportunity to relax under the sun of Sardinia


3 – 4 hours




A tour to discover the beauty of nature, just a few steps away from the city center

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A few kilometers far from the city center, the landscape suddenly switches to pink, offering the view of the Regional Natural Park of Molentargius-Saline. Thanks to its singular shape, it is one of widest and most important European wetland: it comprises both sea water and fresh water ponds, distanced by a dry flat land, named Is Arenas. Its rich avifauna boasts not only thousands of pink flamingos, but also 200 preserved species as the Avoceta and the Cavaliere d’Italia. Here in Molentargius where nature still reigns untouched, a relaxing walk or a bike-ride will throw you in another “world” far off the stressful city chaos.

Pink flamingos have always been the city’s symbol and the pond they decided to settle in is a unique environment.

Inside the Park, you’ll have the opportunity to discover another Sardinian treasure: its salt.  Molentargius’ salt mines had always been one of the most important Sardinian business hubs since the Roman age. As today, it’s still possible to admire the ruins of the “Salt City” – now a ghost town – built at the beginning of the XIX century to ease its workers’ life. 

The pink color of the flamingos is reflected in the changing shades of the water, creating an enchanting effect, which you can also admire from the viewpoint of Mount Urpinu hilltop, the panoramic point par excellence. From here you will enjoy a privileged perspective on the Gulf of Angels. The visit continues towards the large Poetto beach: eight kilometers of coastline, one of the largest in Italy and the largest in Sardinia, where you can stop for a coffee or aperitif on the beach in front of the Devil’s Saddle, like a real “Cagliaritano”.

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