Sailboat excursion from Carloforte

Southwest route: with a sailing boat trip to Carloforte you will discover the idyllic landscapes of the island of San Pietro hidden in the coves


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Enjoy the pristine sea of Sardinia, lulled by the waves

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The sailing boat excursion from Carloforte starts from the small port of Calasetta in Sant’Antioco’s island and heads towards the island of San Pietro, a small jewel of the Sulcis archipelago located 10 km from the Sardinian coast.

Carloforte, the small town on the Island of San Pietro, is a Ligurian corner in the heart of Sardinia. A land of sailors and fishermen, it’s still the emblem of a linguistic minority that jealously preserves language, cuisine and traditions, without giving in to external contamination.

The island, of volcanic origin, offers idyllic landscapes, with rocky coasts, where the Queen’s hawks and Corsican gulls nest, but also beautiful natural caves and hidden coves, impervious and breathtaking as Cala Vinagra, home to a hippie community until about ten years ago.

The sailing boat excursion from Carloforte would not be complete without a visit to the ancient tuna traps and Columns: two giant stacks that emerge from the waters and that, according to a local legend, represent two sailors petrified by punishment. In summer it is normal to see brave locals challenging each other, jumping from the highest points of the stacks in the absolute blue of the sea below.

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