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San Benedetto’s market: a colorful whirling

A walk through the alleys of Villanova, among craft shops, luxury shops, ancient buildings and the hectic life of the Market of San Benedetto


120 minutes




For the curious tradition lovers, but also for those who wish to be overwhelmed by the hectic life of Europe largest indoor market

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In the heart of Villanova district, you’ll find San Benedetto’s Market, a whirlwind of colors, aromas and typical local characters. Chaotic and amusing, San Benedetto’s market will welcome you right away with its daily music, the sellers’ enticements and common people’s smiles. 

The Market of San Benedetto houses the biggest European indoor fish market: you can even taste lobsters, shrimps, tuna-fish, sword fish, squids and cuttlefish straight away on the spot at the very counters’ market or fried as a yummy take away. Don’t forget to taste the precious mullet roe’s bottarga, which adds a special taste to our seafood specialties.

Leaving the fish market, we’ll walk you to the upper floor, where you’ll have hard times resisting to the delicious typical cheese, cold cuts, several kinds of breads, fruits and sweets. You’ll discover and taste several types of Pecorino cheese, Fiore Sardo and less renowned but equally outstanding fresh cheese, as the goat ones, and the savory cold cuts. You might also love to enjoy the most well known Sardinian wines through a wine tasting and pair them with the typical Carasau bread (thin and crispy flatbread which used to be a staple for shepherds due to its long durability) or Guttiau bread (warm carasau bread salted and dressed with extra virgin olive oil).

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