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Iglesias: the Cave of San Giovanni in Domusnovas and Pan di Zucchero

Discovering the Iglesiente natural wonders: San Giovanni cave in Domusnovas and Pan di Zucchero


8 hours


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Discovering the history and the natural wonders of a shy Sardinia, but always full of emotions.

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Discovering two natural wonders of the Iglesiente: the Cave of San Giovanni in Domusnovas and Pan di Zucchero.

What can’t you miss if you want to see the best of the Iglesias’area? We suggest you the cave of San Giovanni in Domusnovas and the rock called “the Sugar Pan” in Masua.

The San Giovanni cave, only 3 kilometers away from the village of Domusnovas, starts at the end of a road that leads to the foot of the mountain.

The San Giovanni cave, in Domusnovas, is a real rarity: it is a karst cavity entirely accessible on foot and boasts a lighted road inside that, until a few years ago, was crossed by cars and couriers! It is a spectacular cave, rich in stalactites and stalagmites, inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the archaeological finds found over the years.

The visit in the south-west part of Sardinia continues towards Iglesias, a town of medieval origin (born with the name of Villa di Chiesa), whose urban fabric developed thanks to the generous funding of Ugolino della Gherardesca. It was with the contributions of the wealthy Tuscan family that the churches of Santa Chiara (1284-1288), Our Lady of Valverde (1285-1290), the Castle of Salvaterra or San Guantino, a hospital and an aqueduct were built. We are sure that you’ll appreciate the medieval alleys of the ancient village, with its fortifications and splendid churches in Romanic and Gothic style.

Continuing towards the sea, you’ll discover the wild charm of the south-western coast; the enchanting beach of Masua, overhung by imposing cliffs and overlooking a clear crystal sea, and the spectacular rocky outcrop of Pan di Zucchero, which stands out from the waters with heights over 100 meters, giving you an unparalleled thrill.

Come with us to discover the Iglesiente: a shy Sardinia awaits you, perhaps not high society, but generous of emotions.

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