Sardinian handicraft tradition’s treasures

We will take you to the discovery of Sardinian craftsmanship and the knowledge and flavors of the tradition of the past, along the picturesque paths of the old town centre


90 – 120 minutes




Suitable for traditional cuisine and valuable artifacts lovers. A pleasant journey through the fascinating artisan culture of Cagliari and Sardinia

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Are you a fan of Sardinian handicraft? Would you like to see first-hand carpets, potteries, jewels, taste the flavors of tradition, strolling about the craftsmen ateliers in search of a precious gift to take away without paying a fortune?

If so, this tour will twist and turn through the city centre. We’ll walk you along an itinerary which kicks off from the aristocratic liberty-style buildings based in Via Roma, as the City Hall, towards the “Marina”, the neighbor that never sleeps, lively and buzzy which welcomes tourists as they arrive in Cagliari from the sea.

Along the route, we’ll give you hints about the best typical products with the best quality-price ratio and all the time you need to carefully choose some precious presents to bring away with you.

It’s well known the mastery of Sardinian textile artisans, whose secrets hand down from generation to generation, in the carpets, tapestry and blankets weaving. Once ordinary in every house, they’re considered top quality furnishing all over the world.

Our goldsmiths’ creations, as silver and gold filigree jewels, or ceramists’, wood and straw- artisans’ ones are equally outstanding. 

You’ll notice the same lightness and elegance in our typical gastronomic products: ranging from the delicacy of the almond and honey-based sweets, to the savory bottarga and the scented wine Moscato or the strong-hearted myrtle liqueur, we bet you won’t leave without a stockpile of treats which will keep you good company until your next vacation in Sardinia!

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