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A “mine” of stories: beaches and mines

Visiting the Sardinian mines is a unique experience that will allow you to admire one of the most important examples of industrial archaeology in Sardinia


6 -7 hours


Low (difficulties in some areas of the site for people with disabilities)


A tour designed to learn an important part of Sardinia’s history and its protagonists, the miners, giving us a break in the beautiful white sand beaches

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The Sardinian mines have been a good part of Sardinia’s richness for a long time. The island’s landscape itself has been influenced through the centuries by the birth and development of mines, by their activity and the mining villages, which arose a few steps from the veins.

It was around the 1800 that mining activity knew its golden age: the fame of Sardinian open-air mines spread all over Europe and migrants began to flow in search of fortune.

Kilometers of tunnels, workers’ villages, tunnels, karst quarries, cliffs overlooking the sea: industrial archaeology is not only ghostly and uninhabited landscapes, but also evidence of past life and the human footprint left by thousands of miners who lived many years of their lives in these mines.

Among the mines, we will take you to explore the most impressive and rich ones in history, those of Arbus and Sulcis-Iglesiente, where the first Geominerary Park in Europe was created.

With its 3500 kilometers, the Geominerary Park is one of the largest in Italy and since 2007 has been part of the international Geoparks network of Unesco.

After a visit to the mines, it will be possible to enjoy a few hours in one of the beautiful beaches of the south-western coast of the island that we will select according to the wind of the day.

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