Tharros and the Sinis peninsula – the Giants of Monte Prama

A day in Tharros on the Sinis peninsula, in an inland area far from mass tourism circuits


8-9 hours


Medium (not suitable for people with disabilities)


We will discover the archaeological treasures of Tharros and the beautiful beaches of the Sinis peninsula.

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Tharros is the archaeological site symbol of the Sinis peninsula. The archaeological area rises around an ancient city founded by the Phoenicians that flourished and thrived in Roman times, as many Sardinian towns did. During your hike, you’ll walk through the paved streets, spas and columns that stand out in the turquoise sky.

Throughout the day our guide will show you the surprising features of the peninsula of Sinis, extreme offshoot of the western part of Sardinia, a territory rich both from an archaeological and naturalistic point of view. We’ll discover the west coast, one of Sardinia most fascinating ones, not invaded by mass tourism, almost elitist and dodged.

San Giovanni di Sinis, one of the first churches in Sardinia, welcomes visitors at the foot of the archaeological area: built in the 6th century in Byzantine forms, lies near one of the most popular beaches of the surroundings.

At the end of the day, we’ll reach the Villaggio di San Salvatore, a tiny village, now abandoned, that every year is the protagonist of the “barefoot race“.

In the heart of the village, the old church dedicated to San Salvatore, which houses a hypogeum dating back to the fourth century, and the colorful cumbessias (small and simple pilgrim’s lodgings), which surround the cult building, have in the past been a location for some western films shot in the area.

Also in Cabras, in the “Giovanni Marongiu Museum” you can admire six statues of the Giants of Monte Prama: a warrior, three boxers, two archers. The museum complex is also enriched by multimedia technologies developed by CRS4: not only will you see the Giants of Monte Prama in full size but also through a detailed view thanks to a touch screen totem that will make the experience even more incredible. A visit to the museum is optional for the tour and is priced separately.

This tour is not accessible for those with motor disabilities.

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