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Tiscali: on foot and off-road trekking into the wild

Trekking in Tiscali: on foot and off-road to discover the wild Supramonte


9-10 hours


Medium (not suitable for people with disabilities)


A unique tour for those who love nature and adventure for an unforgettable experience.

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Trekking in Tiscali is an experience to do at least once in a lifetime: there is no place in Sardinia, where you can better grasp the true essence of the history and antiquity of our island.

The excursion begins on a four-wheel drive that will take you to the source of Su Gologone, located at the foot of Mount Uddè, in the Supramonte di Oliena. The spring is a true natural monument: a karst resurgence so deep that it cannot be accurately measured. This is a real challenge for the speleo-subs from all over the world; the most courageous explorer, Alberto Cavedon, stopped in 2010 at 135 meters without being able to continue beyond.

From here you will head to the enchanting Lanaittu Valley: rugged and impervious, it is dominated by Monte Corrasi, one of the highest in Sardinia with its 1463 meters, only second to Gennargentu. The Lanaittu Valley (or Lanaitho), rich in natural caves with the most striking names such as Sa’ Ohe (Voice), Su Entu (the Wind), is an area of over 700 hectares where traces of human settlement have been found since the Paleolithic period.

Once you arrive at the base of Mount Tiscali, you will begin the trek on foot that, along an old charcoal coalmining path, in one-hour walking arrives at the archaeological site of Tiscali. Tiscali is the only settlement in Sardinia built inside a cave, whose vault sank millions of years ago, giving rise to a large crater that man has used as a refuge, building inside a village of huts.

At the top of the mountain you cross a natural crevice in the rock, which allows you to reach the entrance to the village of Tiscali, which dominates the entire valley of Lanaittu, offering a breathtaking view in just a few minutes.

On board an off-road vehicle you will arrive at the sheepfolds of the shepherds, where you will be offered a snack with the typical dishes of the agro-pastoral society. But, be careful! From these parts, when one speaks of “snack”, it means a lucullian lunch: roasts, sausages, sheep and goat cheese, culurgiones (homemade pasta filled with potatoes and pecorino cheese), vegetables, sweets and of course wine.

All seasoned with traditional Sardinian hospitality where every guest is a long-time friend.

That’s why trekking in Tiscali is not just a trek, but an experience that lasts a lifetime.

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