Underground Cagliari

A walk in the heart of the undergound Cagliari


120 minutes


Low (medium for people with disabilities)


Discover the charm and beauty of hidden places of Cagliari with an original and engaging tour

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Cagliari, the city of the sun, of the dazzling light even in winter times has a double identity: it keeps an underground soul.

Dug in the limestone, the rock which supports the city, underground Cagliari is an unusual and exclusive experience: hidden under the layers of the modern town there’s a whole world made of caves, crypts, and galleries.

They have been given back to the city after many years of restoration works and have been exciting destinations for locals and tourist ever since. Visitors wander around them all year round, especially on the occasion of “Monumenti Aperti” (Open monuments), a two-days-event when locals visit their city as enthusiastic tourists.

You’ll enjoy discovering:

St. Restituta Crypt, a stunning example of late-Roman and Byzantine architecture, was built in memory of the Christian martyr called Restituta. Today, this is one of the most important historic places in Cagliari as it shows traces of the foreigner dominations which came in succession over the centuries leaving a strong imprinting in the Sardinian culture. 

The Archaeological Area of Saint Eulalia, discovered by chance in the ’90s, with its underground ruins from several historic periods, is a must-see to better understand all the changes in the city of Cagliari over centuries.

The Gallery – The Salesian Institute Shelter is a long gallery used during the II World War as a shelter for the school students from the bombings. Today the gallery almost looks like a mystic place with its red-bricked arcades, enlightened by soft candle lights.

Choose the guided visit to the underground Cagliari if you can’t wait to experience a flashback in time and if you want to discover an unusual side of the city.

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