Roaming around the Roman age heritage and blooming gardens

The Botanical Garden and Tuvixeddu Necropolis: a walk among an untouched nature and rich with historical evidence


90 – 120 minutes




A tour through history and nature, exploring unique and fascinating historic places, with the pleasant breeze of the green areas of the city center

A few opening days per week are scheduled for the archeological area of Tuvixeddu. On any other day it will be possible to integrate the tour with the visit to another site.

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The Botanical Garden and the Tuvixeddu’s Necropolis are the centrepiece for nature and archaeology lovers who wish to choose unusual tracks.

Cagliari Botanical Garden stretches over a five-hectars-area and is nestled in the city centre, among Villa di Tigellio, the Roman Amphitheatre and The Cappuccini’s Garden. It is divided into thematic areas such as the Desert’s Oasis, the Mediterranean Wood, the Friars’ Garden, with the medicinal plants, the Geofite Exhibition and the Biodiversity Rocks, where many rocky- ground-growing plants prosper.

Here you’ll find the great majority of the typical rare West-Mediterranean endemic species considered in danger of extinction.

This is a timeless atmosphere: you can rest under a shade-giving centenary ficus, far off from the city traffic or explore the Roman archaeological ruins, as the huge water tank and the well preserved wells.

From the Botanical Garden to Tuvixeddu, the biggest Mediterranean Punic necropolis, it’s a short step. We’ll show you an endless area which served as a cemetery by Punics and Romans. Deserted for centuries, Tuvixeddu enjoyed a new season of beauty during the 20’s, when rich families used to build their mansions around this green area while, in the 40’s, it acted as a shelter during the II World War bombings.

Tuvixeddu is a surprising archaeological settlement which offers continuous discoveries to the city of Cagliari.

Get out of the usual tracks! Join us and discover some of the most interesting archaeological treasures of the past immersed in the Mediterranean landscape.

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