Cagliari and the Roman age

Karalis: The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari and its traces of the Roman age


3 hours




To live the atmospheres and places of a flourish city of the Roman province through its remains

A few opening days per week are scheduled for the Amphitheatre. On any other day it will be possible to integrate the tour with the visit to another site.

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A few minutes walking from the ancient neighbor of Castello, in the heart of the University district, lies the Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari, perhaps the most impressive Roman evidence in Sardinia. Carved in a rock, it could harbor more than 10.000 people: it was divided into three levels of terraces, with inner galleries (“vomitoria”) and cages (“criptae”) meant to keep the wild beasts for the shows.

As a matter of fact, it used to be the stage of great scenic design exhibitions with gladiators.

From the central arena, a 95-meters-long aisle connects the roman amphitheatre with Cappucini’s garden water tank.

At walking distance from the Amphitheatre, you will visit the Villa di Tigellio, with its unmistakable columns that tower the city centre. It was the private house of Tigellio, a poet and musician at Julius Caesar’s time.

The evidences of the Roman age also include Saint Eulalia’s archaeological area, which runs under the surface of the namesake church. Discovered by chance in the 90’s, it showed a urban unknown enviroment with a paved street, a small temple and some houses’ ruins. That is to say, a tiny town, symbol of past glorious days.

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